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Website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) are like bread and butter to the team at ByteMe Internet; they go well together, but not without one another. Hence the reason we specialise in both web design and Search engine optimisation for the New Zealand business market and those abroad. Of course bread and butter by themselves can sometimes be considered a little boring, so we also focus on Internet marketing as a key method of bringing profitable traffic to your business website.

"You wouldn't start a business without listing the phone number; website design without search engine optimisation is the online equivalent to an unlisted number" says Brendon Scott, a Director of ByteMe Internet. "Our nationwide client base, which also extends into Australia, benefit from our two pronged approach."

Types of business websites

You will likely already have a particular style of website in mind; something suited to the nature of your unique business. Luckily, there are only a handful of different types of websites, so explaining them is not an arduous task.

Informational websites

Informational sites are websites that provide information on a particular business, service, product, or topic. The ByteMe Internet website that you are currently viewing is an example of an informational website that provides information about a number of related services. Cerise eyelash extensions and Bodysmart Gym are also both examples of service based companies which provide details on the services they provide and information relating to their respective industries.

Catalog websites

Catalog websites are effectively an online product catalog, showcasing the products that a company has to offer. They can often look similar to eCommerce sites, as in the example of Real Foods. Customers and prospective clients alike and browse through the entire product range and bring up photos and descriptions of each product.

Catalog sites can include informational pages and other components such as web logs, but their main focus will usually be the product catalog. Another example is Gigabyte. Wholesalers and distributors will often setup a catalog site, as in the case of Real Foods and Gigabyte, with retail stores and / or eCommerce websites from their resellers setup for consumers to access.

eCommerce websites

An eCommerce website is any site that allows you to make a purchase or sale over the Internet. The most common form of eCommerce site are product catalogs which allow you to make a purchase via credit card, Internet banking and other common payment methods.

Examples of eCommerce sites include: ToolPower, Rhapsody Jewellery, Trade Me, and of course perhaps the most famous example Amazon.


Blogs, or web logs as they are also known, are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Often they are used on personal sites; however, businesses are starting to realise the benefits also. A blog is a online journal on a particular topic or topics. People can usually subscribe to RSS feeds to receive updates rather than have to log on and check for new stories each day. An example of a personal blog is Allthings2all blog by Catez Stevens which has some interesting perspectives on a wide range of topics, with a New Zealand flavour to them.

In a business sense, blogs can be used to interact with your client based, whilst subtly placing links to your products and services throughout the articles your right. See Mark Rushworth from ihug's blog for an example of what I'm referring too.


Forums are online message boards, focused on a topic or range of topics. Forums are often useful when the topic is of a very technical nature meaning people will have lots of questions to ask. An example of a forum is Designers Talk, which is a popular forum for web designers to ask questions and exchange information

Choosing a web designer

With over 800 companies involved in the software, multi-media and Internet sectors in New Zealand choosing a provider can be a difficult task. Our key design goal with this website is to give you information relevant to a New Zealand businesses contemplating setting up or enhancing a website. In other words, is designed to explain all aspects of setting up a business website.

When comparing website designers, the first step would be to make a short list of web design companies. You could try NZSearch or Google to check out some of the competition. Generally, you can tell by the look of each website, whether they will charge thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands to design a website for your business. By way of example, look through their website client portfolio to see if they have large corporate and government clients, or mainly small to medium sized companies.

Don't delay. ByteMe Internet has designers standing by to provide you with a Free website design consultation. Just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

New entrepreneurs

If you're new to business, you've probably got lots of unanswered questions over and above how to get the best website. Luckily we've added a page on setting up and running a business in New Zealand with you in mind.